DerbiBase HV

Product Documents

  • High quality 3.0 mm (120 mil) smooth surfaced APP Modified Bitumen Roofing Membrane designed for use as a base or ply sheet.
  • Performance Roof Systems' exclusive blend of APP (atactic polypropylene) polymers and select asphalts enhances the weathering capabilities and UV resistance of the membrane.
  • Mid-reinforced with a polyester mat fortified with fiberglass runners for increased membrane strength and durability while still maintaining flexibility.
  • DERBIBASE HV is a completely waterproof base ply for field and flashings when side and end laps are heat welded.

Product Properties

Installation Method
PERMASTIC Cold Adhesive, heat welded or mechanically fastened
Polyester mat fortified with fiberglass runners
3.0 mm (120 mil)

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