Derbigum XPS

Product Documents

  • High quality 4.0 mm (160 mil) smooth surfaced APP Modified Bitumen Roofing Membrane
  • Performance Roof Systems' exclusive blend of APP (atactic polypropylene) polymers and select asphalts enhances the weathering capabilities and UV resistance of the membrane.
  • Triple reinforced with a heat resistant non-woven fiberglass mat followed by a fiberglass and polyester scrim that increases the membrane‚Äôs strength and durability.
  • Top placement of the reinforcement layers allow it to filter out harmful UV rays which reduces natural aging. Therefore the membrane does not require granule surfacing or a roof coating for protection.
  • Proven 30-year, in-place performance history

Product Properties

D6223 Type II, Grade S
Installation Method
PERMASTIC Cold Adhesive or heat welded
Fiberglass and polyester
4.0 mm (160 mil)

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