DERBIGUM Approved Contractor Program

The DERBIGUM Approved Contractor Program features criteria for the contractor to ensure quality workmanship where DERBIGUM Roofing Systems are installed. DERBIGUM Approved Contractors embody the following traits:

  • Perfection: The contractor must strive to achieve perfect quality of application at all times. The contractor must follow good roofing practices, as well as, adhere to our published specifications and application techniques.
  • Ambitious & Enthusiastic: The contractor must have the ambition and enthusiasm to develop their own company and progress in their roofing market. It should be the goal of the contractor to establish their company as a top quality organization both in salesmanship and installation.
  • Proud: The contractor must be proud of his work. The contractor must agree to have his work inspected by DERBIGUM or its representatives on all guaranteed projects. The contractor must inform the DERBIGUM Technical Department prior to commencing the installation on a guaranteed project.
  • Information: The contractor agrees to properly inform all parties involved; the owner, the specifier, the tenant, DERBIGUM, etc.
  • Training: The contractor agrees to have their personnel trained on a continuing basis. DERBIGUM will provide training for everyone in the company. This training will insure that a high level of knowledge and quality is achieved.
  • Financial Stability: Top quality is also a function of the good health of the contracting company. The contractor’s reputation is basedon top quality but also on long term existence.
  • Loyalty: The contractor agrees to support and promote the DERBIGUM Concept and its products. The contractor respects the commitments of a DERBIGUM Authorized Contractor, which are promised to the customer.

    DERBIGUM Approved Contractor Commitments

    Approved Contractors commit to offering superb service through:

  • Planning: The contractor commits to define with the customer the proper planning for the project. The contractor commits to follow that planning and to inform the customer of any changes in that planning. The contractor commits to inform the customer, well in advance, of anything that he/she must do prior to project commencement or after the project completes.
  • Water Tightness: The contractor commits to assure the proper organization of the project site. The contractor commits to avoid water leaks during the application and to properly close out work at the end of each day. The contractor commits to properly communicate with the customer regularly to minimize disturbances of any customer activities during the execution of the work.
  • Orderly Job-site: The contractor commits to keep the project site clean, neat, and safe. This will leave a professional impression upon the customer and make him feel that he has made the right choice. A well-organized and orderly job-site is also more efficient and economical.
  • Information: The contractor commits to keep the customer well informed. When informed, the customer feels comfortable, confident, and more involved. Information reinforces trust and is the best way to insure future business.
  • Quick Response: The contractor commits to fast, professional communication with all clients involved.