Timberland Distribution

The Project:
Timberland LLC is a American manufacturer and retailer of rugged outdoor  apparel, footwear and accessories. Its unique culture and products are inspired  by their New England heritage and outdoor lifestyle. As a testament to the quality and durability of their products, the Timberland brand still remains a worldwide fashion icon after 45 years.

The Challenge:
Danville, Kentucky, is one of only two US locations for Timberland where all warehousing, distribution and order fulfillment takes place. In May 2016, the Distribution Center at Danville’s began looking into replacing their roof.

While the original BUR system was in decent shape, it was nearly at the end of its life. Plagued by the expense of replacing an aging roof, facilities management contacted Thoroughbred Contractors to recommend a sustainable roofing solution. Due to our cost-effective direct recover options and 20-year system guaranties DERBIGUM was selected for this project.

The Solution:
The existing BUR roof was carefully inspected using an infrared scanner to find areas that needed placement. The top layer of gravel was removed along with any wet roofing or insulation that was detected. Next a layer of Derbiboard CA, a high performance polyiso insulation board, was attached using a foam adhesive. Besides improving thermal efficiency, Derbiboard CA provides a strong, clean base for roofing systems. Derbibond low-rise foam adhesive. This provided safer working conditions, reduced jobsite noise and less disruption to building occupants.

Synonymous for our system redundancy, two membrane layers of DerbibaseUltra (120 mil) and DerbicolorGP (180 mil) were installed. Besides providing a full layer of DerbibaseUltra’s redundancy provides greater puncture resistance and protection against leaks. Derbicolor GP’s duel reinforced polyester and fiberglass layers provide greater membrane strength and durability. Derbicolor’s granule surfacing adds an extra layer of defense against heat, UV rays and roof traffic. A Perlok 150 Fascia assembly was installed. Besides providing a nice clean edge the clamps roof membranes against the building to prevent leaks and blow-offs.

The Timberland Distribution Center project was a success, completed over an 18-month time frame due to its large size. Thoroughbred Contractors project management and craftsmanship kept the work at high standards throughout the entire project.